Maple Bear High School

 You can support students to LEAD.

If you are part of the World of Work, support students to lead

Volunteer and Become a Mentor

What and When

If you really want to be a mentor you must:

– Be part of the World of Work, and familiar with startup universe.

– Be passionate about learning and teaching, and have time to engage in students projects
accounted with concepts of new economy, entrepreneur mindset, technology, and innovation.

– Be a good communicator.

You can support students to lead. Become a mentor.

Roles and responsabilities

The World Work High School Project is an entrepreneurial education program focused on learning practices for Maple Bear students, which includes concepts, tools and developments as tools necessary to transform their ideas into businesses of great social and economic impact.

The mentors who will conduct as classes and answer questions.

To participate you must have :
– Knowledgeof the universe of startups.
– Interest and availability to get involved with student’s ideas and projects.
– Repertoire of examples and knowledge about new economy, entrepreneurial mindset, technology and innovation.
– Good communication.

1st Step

Are you available on the following dates?

(Tuesday at 2 pm) – Mentors Training by Jr Achievement and StartSe Teams

(Tuesday at 5 pm) 1st Class: Factor X

(Thursday at 5 pm) 1st Mentorship: Factor X

(Tuesday at 5 pm) 2nd Class: Factor Y

(Thursday at 5 pm) 2nd Mentorship: Factor Y

(Tuesday at 5 pm) 3rd Class: Factor Z

(Thursday at 5 pm) 3rd Mentorship: Factor Z

(Tuesday at 5 pm) 4th Class: Factor X+Y+ Z = Pitch

(Thursday at 5 pm) 4th Mentorship: Factor X + Y + Z = Pitch

2nd Step

Tell us
What is your Work Experience?

Why would you like to be a mentor?

Mentors will be responsible to guide students through the learning process of understanding entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, in order to create a startup.

Apply Now

Fill out the form now to enroll. It’s limited to just 40 participants.