Maple Bear High School

21st Century Competencies

The future has already began.

Maple Bear in partnership with JA Brasil and StartSe created an entrepreneurial education program for young people that allows students to transform their ideas into startups!


Why to be part of the Student Conference?

Maple Bear aims to promote to the Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 students the opportunity to apply 21 st century competencies in a real World of Work experience and reflect on possible path for their professional future.


What will students do and learn?

Students will be introduced to big ideas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology and have the chance to learn concept, tools, essential and employability skills, which includes:

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Collaboration, Creativity, Character, and Communication.

Students will identify a problem, generate ideas, create a solution, and pitch it!


How will students engage on this learning process?

Students will be immersed in a 5-week workshop & mentorship program – to discuss ideias, products, and business – to create a startup project through team work, present the idea to real companies, and receive feedbacks.
A certificate will be granted for students’ portfolio purposes.

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What's the lenght of the program ?

The Opening online lecture will take place in June 20th, and the Closing keynote will be in August 21st.

Check the whole program here.


Fill out the form now to enroll. It’s limited to just 250 participants.